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June 9, 2014

The case for open source dominating the cloud rests on the fact that it’s already the foundation for many popular cloud services and enterprise applications. Whitehurst aptly notes that outside of Microsoft Azure, the underlying infrastructure of all the major public cloud services is built upon open source software. Furthermore, software like Linux, Apache, MySQL, WordPress and many others are already widely used and trusted by most enterprises.
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The discovery and disclosure of seven new flaws is proof that the open-source model works and that OpenSSL can be secured.
Categories: Linux News
PDFMod is an awesome little utility available in Fedora that allows you to split, merge and delete pages of a PDF document. You simply open a document up in PDFMod, […]
Categories: Linux News
[url=][img][/img][/url] [b]LXer Feature: 08-Jun-2014[/b]The Roundup this week includes: To beat the video game you reprogram it, Linus tries a new merge plan, the sought after Linux professional, Mathematica explained and the worlds first emotional robot runs Linux. Enjoy!
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Open Science Week will begin on June 9!People from around the open source community will share with us, starting on Monday, how open source is being used to better and improve the world of science—in areas of academia, research, access, software, and more
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Allan Day recently blogged mockups for a possible redesign of the notifications area. This new design still has the notification area appearing from the bottom of the screen, but rather […]
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The OnePlus One uses a version of CyanogenMod 11 called 11S. This is based around Android 4.4.2 Kitkat (for those of you keeping track, the current version in the handset is 11.0-XNPH22Q). As one of the first phones to ship out of the factory with CyanogenMod installed (as opposed to sitting down with a multitude of flashing tools, roms, and long linux command line incantations to switch over an existing Android handset), this significantly reduces the barrier of entry into the world of CyanogenMod.
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June 8, 2014

Announcing global private internet access for all of your Internet devices. Protect your privacy and say good-bye to the NSA, also stops ISP torrent throttling. Now you can protect your PC, laptop, phone, tablet, TV and gaming console too. In fact anything you own that is connected to the Internet can now be protected with just one VPN account. The Robolinux VPN is fully integrated to a global private Internet access provider and takes less than 30 seconds to set up. We added Lucky Backup. The 64-bit edition has a new kernel from Debian upstream; Robolinux has also released an updates repository so users no longer need to reinstall Robolinux when new versions come out.
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While it initially seemed revolutionary, open source software is actually rooted in traditional IT processes. Technology, after all, has always been about collaboration and continuous improvement. (In the early days of the ARPANET, for example, researchers established a "request for comments" procedure to improve the project.)
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Hi everyone, and welcome to another Humble Bundle release!This is the 10th PC and Android bundle, which contains 10 games, 9 of them also playable on our beloved Linux OS!
Categories: Linux News
Linux Mint 17 Qiana MATE edition is another choice of linux mint with MATE desktop environment. On this release it come with MATE Desktop version 1.8, MDM 1.6 (Mint Desktop Manager) and kernel 3.13.
Categories: Linux News
Valve really do seem to be the champions of Linux right now. Even if you don't like Steam you cannot deny just how much they have done for our ecosystem already.
Categories: Linux News
In 1991, 22-year old Finnish computer programmer Linus Torvalds released his own operating system. Now, some 23 years later, Linux is everywhere. It powers your Android smartphone. It sorts mail for the US Postal Service. It runs the controls for CERN, the world’s largest particle physics laboratory, it steers nuclear submarines, and it powers more than 95% of the world’s 500 fastest supercomputers.
Categories: Linux News
So, it looks like The Witcher 3 will really be coming to Linux thanks to SteamOS, but will you be buying it?
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June 7, 2014

FLASHOUT 2 is a fantastic looking fast paced futuristic racer that is now available on Linux. It looks a lot like the old Wipeout games that's for sure.
Categories: Linux News
LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is an application protocol for accessing directory services. It runs on a layer above the TCP/IP stack incorporating simplified encoding methods, and offers a convenient way to connect to, search, and modify Internet directories, specifically X.500-based directory services.
Categories: Linux News
The developers behind 7 Days To Die do like to tease us and then repeatedly go silent now don't they? Here's the latest on what's going on and it's not good as usual.
Categories: Linux News
SoftBank and Aldeberan have teamed up on a Linux-based, $1,930 personal robot named Pepper that can read emotions and respond autonomously. As we gradually approach the “singularity” when robots overtake human intelligence, we often comfort ourselves in believing robots will never duplicate our often troublesome capacity for emotion. Yet such James Kirkian sentiments may prove suspect as roboticists make robots more sensitive to emotions while using emotional expression to communicate.
Categories: Linux News
Running With Rifles is a really fun top down army action game that promises to keep you entertained for a long time. It mixes army vs army combat with vehicles and a customizable load-out as you play the game.
Categories: Linux News
We previously posted about some of the logo design ideas that Máirín Duffy was working on for the 3 products of (Cloud, Server, and Workstation). Since that post, Máirín has also posted a bunch of other iterations, and I also entered the fray with a few ideas of my own.
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