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January 23, 2014

From its beginning, KDE has been a leader in innovation in free (libre) and open source software (FLOSS), but there is a threat to that leadership in one of the fastest growing areas of technology. The advantages of free and open development and use are clear for software; now closed and proprietary strategies have become standard in other kinds of technology. The need for technology freedom has moved from software to other more corporate-controllable areas—notably hardware and the Internet.
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Sustainable open source projects are those that are capable of supporting themselves. Simply put, they are able to meet their ongoing costs.However, from the viewpoint of selection and procurement, sustainability also means that the project is capable of delivering improvements and fixing problems with its products in a timely manner, and that the project itself has a reasonable prospect of continuing into the future.Elsewhere on our site you can find articles describing some of the many formal approaches to evaluating open source software as part of the Software Sustainability Maturity Model.
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Amazon is one of the most technically influential companies operating today – but you wouldn't know it, thanks to a dearth of published research papers and negligible code contributions to the open-source projects it relies on. This, according to multiple insiders, is becoming a problem. The corporation is described as a "black hole" because improvements and fixes for the open-source software it uses rarely see the light of day. And, we're told, that policy of secrecy comes right from the top – and it's driving talent into the arms of its rivals.
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The distribution’s name is derived from Computer Aided INvestigative Environment, and it is an Italian GNU/Linux live distribution, whose development is headed by Nanni Bassetti. The goal of this distribution is to provide an interoperable environment and user-friendly tools for digital forensics.
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Here's how you can install a Windows XP theme for GTK and Cinnamon in Ubuntu 13.10.
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Back in 2006, Italian embedded Linux manufacturer Acme Systems shipped a penguin-shaped Tux Case for its original Fox single board computer (SBC). The new Arietta G25 computer-on-module (COM) is equipped with the same Atmel AT91SAM9G20 processor used by an updated Fox G20 SBC, as well as a newer 24-Euro Aria G25 COM that is more closely related to the Arietta G25 (see farther below). The Tux Case is still available, as well.
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I discovered the Linux and open source world around 4 years ago, and from that date I’m trying to know more open source software or projects. I must say that they changed my life both as I started to use different software but the most important thing, in my opinion, is that I’ve discovered a different way to think to software and collaboration, or should I say understand what really means Free software?
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VMware shocked the world this morning when it announced it was buying AirWatch for $1.54 billion. I spoke to a bevy of mobile experts including Brian Katz, Benjamin Robbins, R "Ray" Wang and Chris Hazelton about the purchase and why VMware made this move right now.
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Docker has already gained adoption and has seen interest from large enterprises to run their container technology in production. Among those that see the promise of Docker is Linux vendor Red Hat, which will be including the technology in its Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 platform in 2014.
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Back in November, the popular open source image editing program GIMP ended their association with SourceForge and dropped the site as it’s host. Since that time, downloads of GIMP have no longer been available on the site but have been moved to the GIMP’s website.
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Add the lightweight QupZilla browser to your Linux Mint 16 computer.
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AMD Kaveri APUs offer a configurable TDP to target running the APU at lower power rating and this feature can be configured on supported motherboards. While the configurable TDP is targeted for the lower-end Kaveri APUs, I ran some tests from the A10-7850K when bumping its TDP from 95 Watts to 45 to 65 Watts to see how the performance is impacted.
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Red Hat's data center virtualization technology gets a technology infusion from OpenStack.
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Valve will be making all of their games -- past, present, and future -- available for free to Debian Linux developers...
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Add the lightweight QupZilla browser to your Ubuntu 13.10 system.
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Dconf, a low-level configuration system whose main purpose is to provide a backend to GSettings on platforms that do not already have configuration storage systems, has reached version 0.19.3 with assorted bugfixes and new features.
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The cash-strapped OpenBSD Foundation has raised $100,000, potentially saving it from the brink of oblivion. The Foundation has had pledges of "around" $100,000 from individuals and organisations following its appeal to cover a $20,000 server electricity bill.
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In my last article, I talked about how even though an individual Raspberry Pi is not that redundant, two Pis are. I described how to set up two Raspberry Pis as a fault-tolerant file server using the GlusterFS clustered filesystem.
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Rather than viewing copyright policy as a zero sum game where one party "winning" means someone else losing, let's recognize that the only real stakeholder is the public, and any policy should be designed to be best for the public, and that's one where both artists and technologists are better off as well, because new technologies enable artists to better create, promote, distribute, connect and monetize their works, while providing the public with more content, more choices, more ways to support, more ways to share, more ways to express and to communicate. And the end result, as we've seen throughout history, tends to be better for just about everyone -- with the exception of those who stay wedded to obsolete models that are built around being the gatekeeper for areas of friction that no longer apply.
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Slitherine game store and publisher has announced improved cross platform support. Until now, Pandora: First Contact was only available to Linux gamers as a download and you had to buy the version separate from the Windows and Mac version.
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