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May 24, 2014

Tobii announced a Linux-based eyewear device with advanced eye-tracking software that lets market researchers see what’s capturing the viewer’s attention. At first glance, Tobii Glasses 2 may look like another Google Glass competitor, but there’s more — and less — here than meets the eye. First, this is not a casual date: the glasses cost a whopping $14,900, and the Premium Analytics package goes for $29,900. Second, the eyewear is not designed for snapping photos of checking the Internet on the move. Instead, it lets researchers see what is captivating a test subject’s interest. The device can be used to watch what you’re looking at on a website, a TV screen, or signage, or when walking into a store or restaurant. They can analyze how you drive a car, train on equipment, or even play sports.
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This week PiCore 5.3 was released, featuring an updated kernel, recent Raspberry Pi firmware, and other improvements. The disk image is only 24.7MB.
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REMnux 5.0 is available. REMnux is a lightweight, Ubuntu-based Linux distribution for assisting malware analysts with reverse-engineering malicious software. It incorporates a number of tools for analysing malicious executables that run on Microsoft Windows, as well as browser-based malware, such as Flash programs and obfuscated JavaScript. The toolkit also includes programs for analysing malicious documents, such PDF files, and utilities for reverse-engineering malware through memory forensics.
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This week, we look at the growing competition for your cloud dollars, how Google has chosen to back Netflix in its battle with Comcast over resources and Microsoft's new open licensing plan for Azure.
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In today's open source roundup: The Blue Pup distro offers a Windows-like Metro interface. Plus: The open source Novena laptop, and a review of VortexBox 2.3.
Categories: Linux News
In the olden days of photography we thought were ready for anything with a few 36-exposure film cassettes in our bags. Now we can capture gigabytes of photos in just a few minutes, without reloading. I have a 32GB card in my camera, which holds 1700+ RAW images at 18MB each. Don't worry, I won't make you look at all of them. Heck, I don't even know what I have. Over the years I've created duplicates by dumping them onto my computer when I was in a hurry, and making backups without rhyme or reason, so I want to hunt down all the duplicates and get rid of them. But I'm looking at 205GB of photos:
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In this blog post we will show you how to install Bolt CMS on an Ubuntu VPS with Nginx and MariaDB. Bolt is a lightweight CMS, written in PHP and it’s built upon the Silex framework. This should work on other Linux VPS systems as well but was tested and written for Ubuntu.
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May 23, 2014

Many of you can probably relate to this: that machine, whether it be a laptop or a desktop computer, that just seems to hate any Linux operating system you throw at it. Poor performance, inefficiency or non-working bits of hardware or functionalities seem the norm whenever you try your favourite Linux distro on it to the point where you reluctantly accept this machine may only ever be usable on it's factory installed OS (often Windows, of course). I too had this experience but it turns out sometimes a little patience and the fast moving nature of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) can turn things around.
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Two KVMs have been created on non-default libvirt's subnet , each one having 2 virtual NICs (eth0,eth1) for Controller and Compute Nodes setup. Before running `packstack --answer-file=twoNode-answer.txt` SELINUX set to permissive on both nodes. Interfaces eth1 on both nodes set to promiscuous mode (e.g. HWADDRESS was commented out). Controller (F20) still has to run `ifdown br-ex ; ifup br-ex` at boot up. RDO install went smoothly like on CentOS 6.5
Categories: Linux News
Ever have to check a list of Linux servers for various things like what version of CentOS they’re running, maybe how long each has been running to get an uptime report? You can and it’s very easy to get going with it with the command gsh Group Shell (also called gsh) is a remote shell multiplexor. It lets you control many remote shells at once in a single shell. Unlike other commands dispatchers, it is interactive, so shells spawned on the remote hosts are persistent. It requires only a SSH server on the remote hosts, or some other way to open a remote shell.
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The IndieBox is a fantastic idea and I hope they get enough orders to keep going. You subscribe monthly (or buy single past boxes) to get a Linux-supported game-pack every month.
Categories: Linux News
What is an OpenStack superuser? Or perhaps more aptly, who is an OpenStack superuser? As OpenStack continues to mature and slowly make its way into production environments, the focus on the user is continuing to grow. And so, to better meet the needs of users, the community is working hard to get users to meet the next step of engagement by highlighing those users who are change agents both in their organization and within the OpenStack community at large: the superusers.
Categories: Linux News
Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Canonical, has been very busy in the last couple of weeks promoting Ubuntu, but not the desktop version. It turns out that Ubuntu is a hit in the cloud ecosystem as well and that it dominates the OpenStack race.
Categories: Linux News
In the wake of Heartbleed, can a free smartphone-based two-factor authentication system offer peace of mind for the Linux user?
Categories: Linux News
Not long ago, the working definitions of "open government" and "open data" barely overlapped. Open government was all about holding up government to public scrutiny via Watergate-era methods—namely, making sure that meetings were held in public and that agencies responded to requests for information. Open data was about providing information in formats that computers can understand. Today, open government and open data overlap so substantially that it[he]#039[/he]s routinely necessary to explain that they[he]#039[/he]re different.
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GNU AWK is a great tool for working with tables of data, and by using AWK arrays, you can quickly do column sums (and other calculations) based on unique values in another column. Pivot tables in AWK are a bit trickier. In this article I do a slow walk through the code for a simple pivot table.
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Acme Systems unveiled a Debian-ready, 53 x 53mm COM using Atmel’s SAMA5D3 SoC, with microSD, optional NAND flash, and extended temperature support. Acme Systems, which earlier this year released an Arietta G25 computer-on-module built around Atmel’s 400MHz ARM9 SAM9G25 SoC, has now spun an “Acqua A5? COM using the SAMA5D3. Atmel’s 536MHz, Cortex-A5 based system-on-chip has also appeared in ShiraTech’s SODIMM-style AT-501 COM, which similarly ships with Debian Linux.
Categories: Linux News
The Chakra team is proud to announce the first release of Chakra 'Descartes' series which will follow the 4.13 KDE releases. This new release includes new features and updates as follows: KDE Software Compilation - the latest stable version of the KDE series; Nepomuk search has been replaced by Baloo, we have implemented a patch that permits the user to disable Baloo; Chakra Tools are fully translated into more than 30 languages thanks to the amazing job done by our users on Transifex; artwork - new Chakra Logo and new default theme for GRUB, KDM, KSplash, Yakuake, and more.
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Installing Guest Additions And Mounting Shared Folders In Virtualbox Virtual Machines In PHPVirtualbox    In this tutorial I will introduce some tips & tricks while using the phpvirtualbox. These tricks make phpvirtualbox functionality better & much more fruitful. I do not issue any guarantee that this will work for you!
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Last year, consumer search website FindTheBest tried to use an anti-extortion law to fight back against Lumen View Technology, a patent troll that attacked it with a "matchmaking" patent. While FindTheBest was able to knock out Lumen's patent in short order, its lawsuit based on the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act came to an end this week.
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