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May 22, 2014

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing series looks like it will be heading to Linux. The news comes thanks to a lucky post on their Steam forum about the second game.
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We had a great April at bringing in 373,457 page views and 206,314 unique visits. During the month, we announced the recipients of the Community Awards, receiving heartfelt praise from one of the winners. Here is a roundup of articles.
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Cherokee is a lightweight, flexible and completely customizable Web server. Its speed and ease of use makes Cherokee one of the top running alternatives to Apache.
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With the increasing prevalence of open-source implementations and theexpansion of personal computing device usage to include mobile and non-PCdevices as well as traditional desktops and laptops, combating attacks andsecurity obstacles against malware is a growing priority for a broadcommunity of vendors, developers and end users.
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Techdirt reader Oldlad stuck this through the Submissions slot recently: Because I will not agree to LG's Privacy Policy, I can now no longer access/use any of of the TV's network based programs: Iplayer, Skype, 3D etc. As of the 7th May following a software update to our less than two year old LG TV. I was confronted with a message asking me to read and agree with a couple of important new documents. So like a good little citizen I read and agreed with the first doc regarding use of said TV. but having read the Privacy Doc I was not best pleased with the companies assumption that I would simply agree to their sharing all our intimate viewing details (plus what ever else they can see)with all and sundry.
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COM pioneer Congatec unveiled its first SBC: a Linux-ready Mini-ITX motherboard, with AMD’s G-Series SoC, extensive I/O, and PCIe and mini-PCIe expansion. Long-time computer-on-module vendor Congatec AG is now moving into single board computers and OEM services, starting with the “Conga-IGX,” its first industrial Mini-ITX motherboard. The board is designed for “cost-sensitive visualization and control applications,” says the company.
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The openSUSE-Education team is proud to present a special, 64-bit edition of openSUSE Edu Li-f-e with the MATE desktop environment. Li-f-e MATE edition came about to support schools in Gujarat, India. They needed a synfig studio: a very simple-to-use C and Java IDE, apart from standard fare of complete office suite and other applications.
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Open government isn't a new concept. Thanks to the proliferation of the printing press, the Age of Enlightenment blasted through Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries and brought demands for new rights: free speech, assembly, and, of course, the freedom of the press.
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As we've pointed out many times in the past, the originally stated purpose of copyright law was to encourage the sharing of scientific knowledge for the purpose of learning. The first copyright act in the US was actually entitled "for the encouragement of learning." Yet, as copyright law has evolved, it's frequently been used to make learning much more difficult. Just a few months ago, we covered how publishing giant Elsevier had started to demand that academics who had published their own research on take down those works. As we noted then, while big journal publishers often demand that academics hand over their copyright in order to get published, they usually would either grant an exception for an academic to post their own work, or at least look the other way when the academics would do so. And many, many academics obviously decided to post their own papers to the web.
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Microcontroller and system-on-chip manufacturer Renesas has become a gold member of the Linux Foundation to advance embedded and automotive systems. In a move that stands to strengthen the hand of open source within the embedded Linux market, especially the automotive industry, the Linux Foundation has announced that microcontroller and chip manufacturer Renesas has become a gold member of the non-profit consortium.
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May 21, 2014

Their latest work is a 6-track digital album with tracks like, The Internet is an Apt Motherfucker and Approximating the Circumference of the Earth. You can buy it in cassette or digital form on Basecamp. But what makes Cycles Per Instruction unique is that there is also a Kernel Module Edition that has been made available on GitHub. It is designed for those that love to tinker.
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It's been very quiet about Foresight Linux for some time now. So i wanted to fill you guys in what's happening at the moment.Foresight Linux 3 is under development.
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A feature of free and open source software is that anyone can make a copy of the software, rebrand it, market it and sell it to the world...
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In today's open source roundup: Linux decries the cult of personality in interview. Plus: Open source and security, and George R.R. Martin endorses Linux.
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In 2007, Colin Drane wanted to know more about the crime that was happening in his Baltimore neighborhood. Utilizing the momentum of the open government movement, he founded SpotCrime, a public facing crime mapping and email alert website that collects public crime data from police agencies around the world. Today, SpotCrime is even more than that. The technology is used to advocate for open, equal, and fair access to crime information driving open data in the public safety sector.
Categories: Linux News
Scandals, mismanagement, and back-room deals; the City of New Orleans has long endured a legacy of opaque policies and decision-making processes closed to its citizens. A historic disconnect caused by the city’s lack of available information has led to generations of disenfranchised residents.
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Sometimes using Windows is a necessary evil. A lot of office environments still use Windows, and sometimes you’ll need Windows- specific applications and software if you want to work from home. There’s also the problem of developing cross-platform apps – constantly switching between operating systems is time- consuming and can, frankly, get tiring. The solution to a lot of these issues is to never dual- boot in the first place, but instead to virtualise Windows on your machine.
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This week we look at the unsettling of prospect of a founding company putting itself up for sale, explore the basic components of an OpenStack project and hear from OpenStack foundation chair Alan Clark on what goes on at the OpenStack board meeting.
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The SliTaz team is pleased to announce the new SliTaz 5.0-RC2 release candidate. We have done a huge amount of work fixing bugs from RC1, with about 500 commits in our Mercurial repositories. All the 4,300 packages have been rebuilt to found and fix bugs and to ensure everything can be rebuilt from source by advanced users. We took a lot of time to improve the user experience with our default and custom LXDE desktop.
Categories: Linux News
Two KVMs have been created , each one having 2 virtual NICs (eth0,eth1) forController && Compute Nodes setup. Before running `packstack --answer-file=twoNode-answer.txt` SELINUX set to permissive on both nodes. Service NetworkManager disabled, service network enabled. Interfaces eth1 on both nodes set to promiscuous mode
Categories: Linux News
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