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February 5, 2014

This will please big picture mode users and SteamOS/Steam Machine users alike, Steam is planning to add music controls built-in to Steam itself allow you to control music while gaming.
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Nvidia is cozying up just a little with the open source community, with it emerging in late January that it's kicked some driver code into the Nouveau open source graphics driver project. The company has previously been the recipient of hate mail from the open source community as being difficult to work with. However, with a new chip – the Tegra K1 – on the way, Phoronix noticed an unusual development: the company has provided some hardware enablement patches into the driver.
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"I realize that as a number, 3.14 looks familiar to people, and I had naming requests related to that. But that's simply not how the nonsense kernel names work," Torvalds wrote. "You can console yourself with the fact that the name doesn't actually show up anywhere, and nobody really cares. So any pi-related name you make up will be *quite* as relevant as the one in the main Makefile, so don't get depressed."
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Add Firefox 27 to your Ubuntu 13.10 system.
Categories: Linux News
The upcoming and highly anticipated GNOME 3.12 desktop environment is supposed to be released on March 26, 2014. However, it appears that the entire release cycle might be delayed by approximately a week, because of the Wayland 1.5 release.
Categories: Linux News
Mail server admins may often have to deal with different types of requirements based on service policies or customer-specific requests. This tutorial will cover common cases of mail server administration. More specifically, it will show how different mail server requirements can be met by tuning parameters of Postfix and Dovecot.
Categories: Linux News
Some fun news this morning, Blade Symphony a fantastic looking sword fighting action game currently on Early Access on Steam has plans to port over to Linux.
Categories: Linux News
December 2013's EOF, titled "Mars Needs Women", visited an interestingfact: that the male/female ratio among Linux Journal readers, and Linuxkerneldevelopers, is so lopsided (male high, female low) that graphing it wouldproduce a near-vertical line.
Categories: Linux News

February 4, 2014

Today in Open Source: Amazon preps Android gaming and TV console launch for later this year. Plus: Linux Mint versus Ubuntu versus Chromebooks, and a first look at the Maxthon cloud browser for Linux.
Categories: Linux News
The polls are closed and the results for [url=]the 2013 Members Choice Awards[/url] are in.
Categories: Linux News
It was just a coincidence probably, but last week brought us update for two distributions I like very much. It is time now to have a Quick Screenshot Tour for Mageia 4 GNOME.
Categories: Linux News
Now I agree, if you want to kill a party buzz all you need to do is pull out your Book of Stallman and start repeating quotes. I mean, let’s be honest here. There’s nothing particularly exciting about FOSS.
Categories: Linux News
At the Open Technology Institute (OTI), we've been working on opening our user feedback process as a way to improve our internal processes and collaboration, engage our user community more, promote non-developer contributions, and think more broadly about how open source process plays a role in the Commotion Wireless project, a free and open-source communication tool that uses mobile phones, computers, and other wireless devices to create decentralized mesh networks.
Categories: Linux News
ROSA Desktop Fresh R2 GNOME review is a review of the latest edition of ROSA Desktop Fresh, a line of Linux distributions designed for end users. It is published by ROSA Laboratory, a Linux software solutions provider based in Moscow, Russia.
Categories: Linux News
Enterprise Linux users could soon have a free means of patching running kernels without any downtime if the efforts of the engineers at SUSE bear fruit.
Categories: Linux News
This is an update to version 5.5 "Wolx" released in November 2013. It is primarily designed for those users who preferred the simplicity and familiarity of the 4.x series of Toutou Linux. Compared to the 4.x series, several applications have been replaced, notably the SeaMonkey 2.21 browser which has become too heavy for a lightweight distribution (30 MB compressed and 51 MB when decompressed). It has been replaced by Opera 12.16 (14 MB compressed and 26 MB once decompressed).
Categories: Linux News
Google released a Google Cast SDK for its Chromecast media player dongle to let Android, iOS, and Chrome developers build compatible apps and websites. Since Google began shipping its $35 HDMI stick-style Chromecast last July, it’s been a hot seller, especially compared to the struggling Google TV devices. The device is not a full-fledged media […]
Categories: Linux News
Earlier today I was looking at a source file for the OpenStack Ceilometer docs and noticed that there's a copyright statement at the top. Now, in no way do I want to pick on Nicholas. There are hundreds of such copyright statements in the OpenStack docs and code, and this is just the example I happened to be looking at.(Note that my employer has its share of copyright statements in the OpenStack code. Pretty much every company participating in OpenStack does this. I think we need to stop.)
Categories: Linux News
Arch Linux, the popular rolling release Linux distribution, seemingly has a reputation as bleeding edge, elitist and sometimes unstable. Bleeding edge? Most seem to agree it is. Elitist? I'll leave that to you to decide. Unstable? Perhaps, perhaps not, which is what I will now try to give my take on it as a full time Arch Linux user.
Categories: Linux News
Application developers can now work for interfacing with the Chromecast via this SDK for multi-screen and large screen experiences. The Chromecast device continues to sell for $35 USD or less and it's a little gadget I continue to find extremely useful, albeit forced to use it from Android or Chrome on OS X for streaming to televisions in the office.
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