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January 30, 2014

Which project would you recommend to a newbie who wants to get started with open source? Drupal Fedora LibreOffice PostgreSQL Python Ubuntu Other (tell us in the comments) While is preparing for our upcoming Beginners in Open Source Week starting February 17, we want to hear from our readers about which open source projects are best for beginners. After you've responded to the poll, mark your calendars for:
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The UK government is planning to abandon expensive proprietary software including Microsoft Office in favour of open source alternatives.
Categories: Linux News
Intrinsyc revealed design wins for its Open-Q 8074 SOM Qseven module based on the Snapdragon 800, including a wearable device and a “MiWorld PCS” mini-PC. Intrinsyc tipped the Open-Q 8074 System on Module (SOM) last June as the heart of its Linux- and Android-ready DragonBoard 8074 Development Kit , but made no mention as to […]
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There are several traits that set My Expenses apart from the myriad of other expense tracking apps for Android.
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Today it was announced that Google is selling handset maker Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for $2.91 billion. The move comes less than a week after the Chinese electronics company also agreed to acquire IBM’s low-end server business for $2.3 billion. Google purchased Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion in 2012.
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Regular readers of this column won't be surprised to hear that I loveboth Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL. Rails has been my primaryserver-side Web development framework for about eight years, and it hasmanaged to provide solutions for a large number of consulting andpersonal projects.
Categories: Linux News
Add Aptik to backup or restore PPAs and packages in Ubuntu 13.10.
Categories: Linux News
The initial work on an OpenGL rendering back-end has landed in LibreOffice, not too long after receiving OpenCL support for spreadsheets and OpenGL canvas support.
Categories: Linux News
Add Aptik to backup or restore PPAs and packages in Linux Mint 16.
Categories: Linux News
Space Hulk now officially has a fully open beta test of the game on Linux available for all gamers who have purchased a copy on Steam.
Categories: Linux News
Open source offers organizations all kinds of benefits, but when you combine it with open standards, you create a free software and interoperability juggernaut that businesses are going to love.
Categories: Linux News
That's right Duke fans Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition now has online multiplayer complete with deathmatch and cooperative game modes.
Categories: Linux News
Most distro reviews go no deeper than a quick look at a live CD/DVD, or a quick tour in a virtual machine, some commentary on the colors, a few screenshots, and done. Linux distro installers have been the best of any operating system for years now, so there is little point in discussing installation, and colors? Is it a mystery that we can change the colors? openSUSE 13.1 was released in November 2013, and I decided to use it for 30 days before reviewing it. Well, time got away from me and here it is nearly 60 days, so it has had a thorough pummeling at my brutal hands.
Categories: Linux News
The development team behind the Enlightenment project, an open source, powerful, lightweight, and eye-candy desktop environment for the X window system has announced the third maintenance release of the stable Enlightenment 0.18 branch, which includes various fixes and improvements.
Categories: Linux News
When you walk into the cavernous, old tire plant of Canal Place in Akron, Ohio, the last thing that you'd expect to find in this big building is such a "tiny" treasure. Unexpected though it may be, this is where Ken Burns and the TinyCircuits team has set up shop, and it's where they make tiny open source hardware treasures: miniaturized Arduino compatible circuits.
Categories: Linux News
Docker's open source container strategy may allow partners to move customer applications between on-premises and cloud servers. But where are the partners? Roger Egan is recruiting them now.
Categories: Linux News
Microsoft has announced recently that an updated version of the stable Skype 4.2 free Internet telephony application is now available for download, fixing various issues and crashes found in the previous version (
Categories: Linux News
Wow, these guys at Broken Rules sure do work fast, we only recently reported on alpha 12 being released and now alpha 13 has landed!
Categories: Linux News
The first update for the stable Linux kernel 3.13 has been announced by Greg Kroah-Hartman just a few minutes ago, starting the maintenance cycle for this new branch.
Categories: Linux News
Today in Open Source: Android PCs may be the final nail in Windows' coffin. Plus: Linux versus Windows in VPS hosting, and 12 terminal emulators for Linux.
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