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February 11, 2014

Well it's been roughly eight months since the first major leaks about the NSA's PRISM surveillance program began to appear, and at last a coordinated global protest is imminent. Scheduled to take place on Tuesday, Feb. 11, The Day We Fight Back involves thousands of participating websites as well as protests, speaking events, street theater performances and more.
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The traditional Linux security model starts with file permissions. The model lets the kernel decide whether or not a process may access a resource based on permissions set as part of the filesystem. The coarse-grained granularity of this model often causes Linux processes to have too many rights. If more granularity is needed, one has to resort to adding security related code into the program source.
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I'm not really much of a computer gamer. That said, I'm both ashamed andoddly proud of the hours (probably thousands!) I spent playing Dune2000back when it was cutting-edge gaming technology. There's just somethingabout real-time strategy games that appeals to those of us lacking thereflexes for the more action-packed first-person shooters.
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Turkey is the latest country to slap heavy restrictions on the internet, a move that is baffling for a country that hopes to be a high tech center. But you can't try to control the masses and have a healthy business climate, and Turkey has to decide if it wants a strong internet-driven economy or control because it can't have both.
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There has been a lot of news about Belgian cryptographer Jean-Jacques Quisquater having his computer hacked, and whether the NSA or GCHQ is to blame. There have been a lot of assumptions and hyperbole, mostly related to the GCHQ attack against the Belgian telecom operator Belgacom.
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At about 1 p.m. this afternoon the security company behind the WordFence plugin for WordPress issued a security advisory via email informing users of their plugin that WordPress sites are currently under a brute force attack.
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The new MSC Q7-BT Qseven COM offers a range of Intel Atom E3800 SoCs, dual display support, onboard SATA and eMMC SSD, and extended temperature operation.
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No idea how I missed RimWorld as it looks fantastic, funded by Kickstarter RimWorld aims to be a pretty interesting colony building simulator.
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The LXLE project is a Lubuntu-based distribution which attempts to be very light on resources while also improving support for older hardware.
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Today in Open Source: Does Linux have a language barrier for new users? Plus: The best ways to run Linux on a Mac, and ten uses for Linux for Windows users.
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Red Hat is deepening its relationship with Hortonworks. But why isn't the Linux vendor just acquiring the provider of Hadoop technologies?
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First, ASUS announced the ASUS Chromebox, then HP followed with the HP Chromebox, and not to be left out, Google followed with the announcement of the Chromebox for meetings.
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With OpenDaylight software-defined networking, rivals and users are united by open source to create software-defined networking for everyone. Believe it or not, the group's already made great progress and more is in store
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February 10, 2014

KDE workspaces has been the go-to solution for a large number of serious projects, such as the control room for a particle accelerator, but it seems that it has also found its way to the computers of Gravity's production team.
Categories: Linux News
GStreamer 1.4 is under heavy development ahead of its next release that's due out in March or April. Here's a look at some of the new features coming to this open-source multimedia framework relied upon by many Linux desktop applications. Among the best additions to GStreamer 1.4 is support for H.265, VP9, and Daala. Wayland is also now supported...
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Excitement is growing in the run-up to Wordpress 3.9. Without above-average Wordpress design and Infusionsoft implementation, companies won't benefit from any of the new features.
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QuiteRSS made a very good impression on me because of the handy features it comes with and the pleasing look. It’s written with the aid of the Qt toolkit and gives the user the ability to organize the feeds in a tree-like structure, use tags, change the feed fetching interval and a lot of more features which I’m going to talk about in this article.
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In six weeks, a team of three college students with no industry experience and only academic software-specific knowledge, developed and designed a health care provider search system using only open source software. To tell you how they got there, let's start with a little history of open source software in the US federal government workspace.
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Wanted to watch TV on your Linux box, and preferably for free? FreetuxTV is an online TV player which was originally developed to let the subscribers of French ISPs (e.g., Free, Orange, SFR) to watch live TV channels streamed by those ISPs. Over time, FreetuxTV has added additional free online TV, web radio and webcam channels to the list, and now the (crowdsourced) FreetuxTV database carries channels in over 50 different languages.
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I'm pleased to announce the release of gNewSense 3.1. This is a minor update to the current stable version with code name 'Parkes'. These are the most important changes: the correct country-specific package repository (instead of the beta one) is set at installation time; NetworkManager is included on the live image by default; the expert installer no longer suggests to install Debian's non-free repository.
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