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September 27, 2014

Canonical has just announced that the final Beta for Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) has been released and is now available for download and testing.
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September 26, 2014

FreeFileSync is a great file synchronization program for Windows and Linux. There is no build for Centos, so I paid a 100 Unobtanium bounty to get it working on Centos 7.
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I like KDE. I use KDE, now that I have hardware with enough horsepower (namely a Toshiba laptop with 4GB of RAM) to operate it in a relatively easy manner. In addition, KDE is an outstanding desktop environment, far too complicated for what I normally do, but that’s OK. It’s not my favorite desktop environment –- that distinction continues to go to Xfce –- but still, I have nothing but love for KDE.
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This week, we look at an attempt to define cloud standards (but where are the cloud companies), municipalities wanting to tax cloud services (and why it's a bad idea) and Oracle's Mark Hurd going after Microsoft in the cloud (but is it the right target).
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By now, you’ve probably seen this magic incantation, or variations, sent all around as a quick test for vulnerability to CVE-2014-6271, known as “Shellshock”, because in this post-Heartbleed world, apparently all security flaws will have cute over-dramatic names.
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Nuage Networks has announced support for Oracle OpenStack on Oracle Linux via its open SDN solution. Nuage Networks is bringing its software-defined networking (SDN) solution to Oracle (ORCL) OpenStack for Oracle Linux, which it says will expand the role of open SDN within the cloud.
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In today's open source roundup: Shellshock Bash bug threatens Linux, Unix and OS X users. Plus: GNOME 3.14 released, and Autumn is a relaxing game for Linux.
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Over the last few years it's been great to see companies like Newegg and Rackspace decide that they're not going to give in to bogus patent troll lawsuits. As we've discussed, it's almost always easier, faster and cheaper to just settle and pay up whatever the troll is asking for. That's part of why trolling works. Fighting a patent lawsuit -- even a totally bogus one (i.e., not infrigning) -- on a clearly invalid patent will still cost many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars. If the troll is offering to settle for tens of thousands of dollars, many, many companies will do the obvious short-term cost-benefit analysis and settle.
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Manjaro Linux 0.8.10 Ascella KDE Edition is the latest version of manjaro linux distribution with KDE desktop environment. Manjaro Linux is a lightweight, user-friendly, desktop-oriented Linux distribution based on Arch Linux.
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Plasma 5 gets into our desktop guide as we also tell you how to put Linux on Android.
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It turns out that the fix for the previously reported Bash flaw CVE-2014-6271 (sometimes referred to as “shellshock”) was incomplete, and a new CVE (CVE-2014-7169) has been issued to track […]
Categories: Linux News
The Unix/Linux Bash security hole can be deadly to your servers. Here's what you need to worry about, how to see if you can be attacked, and what to do if your shields are down.
Categories: Linux News
Autumn is one of those games that stretches the term game a little bit. There isn't a lot of interaction required, and it's more about relaxing and watching what happens.
Categories: Linux News
MEN Micro announced two rugged, Linux-ready box PCs with 3rd Gen. Intel Core i7 CPUs: the video storage oriented “BL70S” and the wireless focused “BL70W.” The BL70S and BL70W are fanless industrial computers that operate from -40 to 85°C, and feature aluminum fins that facilitate conduction cooling. Earlier MEN Micro box computers had much the same appearance, including the circa-2011, AMD G-Series based BC1. Both computers support Linux, as well as Windows 7 and WES7.
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This document describes how to install and configure Jailkit in Debian Wheezy Server. Jailkit is a set of utilities to limit user accounts to specific files using chroot() and or specific commands. Setting up a chroot shell, a shell limited to some specific command, or a daemon inside a chroot jail is a lot easier and can be automated using these utilities.
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And the latest is that the bug, now officially known as Shellshock, is being exploited by a computer worm. But nobody seems to know the extent to which the attacks have been successful.
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Arbor Solution has launched a rugged, Android-based “Gladius 5? handheld with a quad-core SoC, 5.5-inch touchscreen, dual SIMs, NFC, and barcode scanning.
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Updated packages that resolve CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169 (collectively known as “Shellshock”) have now been built for Fedora 19, 20 and 21 Alpha. These packages still need to make their way through the package release system and to the mirrors, but they should be available through the regular update channels shortly.
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It is easy to see why new users get so frustrated with open source OSes. It should work out of the box with minimal hassle, so let's take the hard part out of it for them.
Categories: Linux News
In today's Android roundup: Google could release Android L on November 1st. Plus: A guide on how to switch from iOS to Android, and how to repair a bent iPhone 6 Plus.
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