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June 29, 2014

Sosreport is a command in linux (RHEL / CentOS) which collects system configuration and diagnostic information of your linux box like running kernel version, loaded modules, and system and service configuration files.
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The latest development version of the Software application (the graphical tool for searching and installing new applications in Fedora) now has support for browsing and installing add-ons. Basically, this feature […]
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Conveniently named Plasma 5, it will bring pixel-perfect design and super smooth performance thanks to the QML and Qt 5 technologies and fully hardware accelerated display rendering. High DPI support and the ability to work with Wayland (Linux's next generation display server) are planned as well, but neither are expected to be fully finished with the first release. Aside from technical work, there is design and usability work going on.
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The PCLinuxOS Magazine staff is pleased to announce the release of the July 2014 issue.
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File comparison compares the contents of computer files, finding their common contents and their differences. The result of the comparison is often known as a diff. diff is also the name of a famous console based file comparison utility that outputs the differences between two files. The diff utility was developed in the early 1970s on the Unix operating system. diff will output the parts of the files where they are different.
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Command-line lovers, allow me to introduce you to Xiki, the incredibly interactive, flexible, and revolutionary command shell. I do not use the word "revolutionary" lightly. The command shell has not advanced all that much since the ancient days of Unix. Xiki is a giant leap forward. If you're looking for the Next Big Thing in FOSS, Xiki is it.
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June 28, 2014

As the moment, the most popular web servers are Apache and Nginx. Apache is the most successful and famous open source project whereas Nginx (pronounced Engine X) is a web server that was developed in Russia by Igor Sysoev back in 2002.
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Needless to say that setting up Light Weight X environment on Fedora 20 cloud instances is very important for comfortable work in VM's environment, for instance on Ubuntu Trusty cloud server just one command installs E17 environment `apt-get install xorg e17 firefox`. By some reasons E17 was dropped from official F20 repos and maybe functional only via previous MATE Desktop setup on VM
Categories: Linux News
There are two major MySQL storage engines used: MyISAM and Innodb. MyISAM is non-transactional, and thus can be faster for reads, while InnoDB fully supports transactions (e.g., commit/rollback) with finer-grain locking. When you create a new MySQL table, you choose its type (i.e., storage engine). Without any choice, you will simply use a pre-configured default engine.
Categories: Linux News
Open source games roundupWeek of June 22 - June 28, 2014In this week's edition of our open source games news roundup we delve into the Steam Summer Adventure, hope that Together hits its Linux milestone, and more
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Phytec’s Linux-ready, Pico-ITX “PhyBoard” SBC boasts a soldered TI Sitara-based PhyCore-AM335x COM, dual Ethernet ports, and industrial temperature support. Phytec, which makes a PhyCore-Vybrid SOM computer-on-module built around the Freescale Vybrid system-on-chip, also offers a PhyCore-AM335x COM. The latter, which is built around the Cortex-A8 based Sitara AM335x SoC from Texas Instruments, is now being extended with a Pico-ITX form-factor PhyBoard-AM335x carrier board, the first of a coming line of PhyBoard products.
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Scheduling means different things depending on the audience. To many in the business world, scheduling is synonymous with workflow management. Workflow management is the coordinated execution of a collection ofscripts or programs for a business workflow with monitoring, logging and execution guarantees built in to a WYSIWYG editor.
Categories: Linux News
From CDC's 40MHz "supercomputer" to 2014's Tianhe-33.86 PetaFlops per second, supercomputers are continuing to push computing to its ultimate limits.
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In today's open source roundup: Linux Mint 17 Xfce has been released. Plus: A screenshot tour of Linux Mint 17 Xfce, and a guide to the Xfce 4.10 desktop. Linux Mint 17 Xfce uses the lightweight Xfce desktop environment to provide a more traditional interface that works well on older or under-powered computers.
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Valve are pushing really quickly recently and have gathered together another list of games to allow on Steam. 36 of which are confirmed for Linux.
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A moving memorial to Internet whiz kid Aaron Swartz, "The Internet's Own Boy" may be the most emotionally devastating movie ever made about hacking and freedom of information. Documentarian Brian Knappenberger creates a spellbinding portrait of Swartz's life and political convictions — the promise of which was cut short by his suicide in early 2013 at the age of 26 — while posing powerful intellectual arguments about failures in the U.S. justice system, especially when it comes to the World Wide Web. Since Swartz has already been canonized online, there's likely a substantial audience ready and waiting for a well-crafted tribute documentary. The more salient question in the age of Internet piracy may be whether they're willing to pay to watch it.
Categories: Linux News
Canonical has worked hard to integrate Ubuntu Linux with IBM's POWER8 servers to strengthen its OpenStack cloud and Big Data position. If Ubuntu Linux is to prove truly competitive in the OpenStack cloud and Big Data worlds, it needs to run on more than x86 hardware. And that's what Canonical achieved this month, with the announcement of full support for IBM POWER8 machines on Ubuntu Cloud and Ubuntu Server.
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This week, we look at Werner Vogels from AWS talking cloud security, the CIA info chief explaining why they're going cloud and could Linux container technology be a greener way of cloud computing.
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In a large open source project made up of lots of interacting pieces developed by different teams, how do you decide what officially becomes a part of the core release and what stays outside? In OpenStack, a formal process of incubation helps prepare fledgling projects for integration into the main code body as they develop and more
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The future of gaming is tied to the future of Linux
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