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February 4, 2014

ROSA Desktop Fresh R2 GNOME review is a review of the latest edition of ROSA Desktop Fresh, a line of Linux distributions designed for end users. It is published by ROSA Laboratory, a Linux software solutions provider based in Moscow, Russia.
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Enterprise Linux users could soon have a free means of patching running kernels without any downtime if the efforts of the engineers at SUSE bear fruit.
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This is an update to version 5.5 "Wolx" released in November 2013. It is primarily designed for those users who preferred the simplicity and familiarity of the 4.x series of Toutou Linux. Compared to the 4.x series, several applications have been replaced, notably the SeaMonkey 2.21 browser which has become too heavy for a lightweight distribution (30 MB compressed and 51 MB when decompressed). It has been replaced by Opera 12.16 (14 MB compressed and 26 MB once decompressed).
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Google released a Google Cast SDK for its Chromecast media player dongle to let Android, iOS, and Chrome developers build compatible apps and websites. Since Google began shipping its $35 HDMI stick-style Chromecast last July, it’s been a hot seller, especially compared to the struggling Google TV devices. The device is not a full-fledged media […]
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Earlier today I was looking at a source file for the OpenStack Ceilometer docs and noticed that there's a copyright statement at the top. Now, in no way do I want to pick on Nicholas. There are hundreds of such copyright statements in the OpenStack docs and code, and this is just the example I happened to be looking at.(Note that my employer has its share of copyright statements in the OpenStack code. Pretty much every company participating in OpenStack does this. I think we need to stop.)
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Arch Linux, the popular rolling release Linux distribution, seemingly has a reputation as bleeding edge, elitist and sometimes unstable. Bleeding edge? Most seem to agree it is. Elitist? I'll leave that to you to decide. Unstable? Perhaps, perhaps not, which is what I will now try to give my take on it as a full time Arch Linux user.
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Application developers can now work for interfacing with the Chromecast via this SDK for multi-screen and large screen experiences. The Chromecast device continues to sell for $35 USD or less and it's a little gadget I continue to find extremely useful, albeit forced to use it from Android or Chrome on OS X for streaming to televisions in the office.
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Google has released the final version of the Google Cast Software Development Kit (SDK), paving the way for broader support for its $35 Chromecast media-streaming dongle.
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Add PPSSPP PSP emulator to your Linux Mint 16 computer.
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Women in open source. Women in programming. Women in tech at all. Where are they?
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The mentioned features are what I've found most interesting about this next major kernel release to date based upon the dozens of articles I've already authored on Phoronix about Linux 3.14, my testing already of 3.14 development code on multiple systems, analytics via Anzwix, etc.
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Add version 4.2 of the LibreOffice suite to your Linux Mint 16 computer.
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In the LibreOffice 4.2 release, work has been done to improve import/export filters, including better support for Microsoft document file formats as well as Apple's Keynote presentation format. In this slide show, eWEEK takes a look at the features of the new LibreOffice 4.2 release.
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Meanwhile How to customize Mageia 4 KDE offers a few tips that you can use to make your installation of Mageia 4 KDE a little bit more user-friendly. User-friendly can be a subjective thing, but trust me, the few tips given here to customize Mageia 4 KDE will truly make a bit more user-friendly.
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In-Home Streaming was part of the SteamOS announcement Valve made back in September and beta invites to the functionality have been sent to some people around the internet. Luckily I was part of that group and I can share some of it with you!
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It's going to take a bit longer for users of the open-source Firefox web browser to get an overhauled user interface. Since early 2013, Mozilla developers have been teasing users with mockups and discussion about the new Australis Interface. At one point the plan was to have Australis debut in October as part of the Firefox 25 release, but that didn't happen.
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Google has reportedly vowed to form an ethics commission to help monitor artificial intelligence research after its purchase of Deep Mind. Forgive me for laughing, but a Google ethics commission is like jump shrimp. Which of these things is not like the other?
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February 3, 2014

Today in Open Source: Has GNOME become the best Linux desktop? Plus: A former GNOME user falls in love with it again, and a GNOME 3 dissident speaks out.
Categories: Linux News
When it comes to Linux-friendly hardware vendors one of my favorite companies to deal with at Phoronix is CompuLab. The Israeli PC vendor isn't just rebadging some OEM systems and slapping on a Tux sticker nor are they assembling some x86 systems that individuals could easily build at a lower cost. We have reviewed several interesting low-power Linux PCs from them in the past and today may be one of their most interesting products yet, the Freescale i.MX6-based Utilite. In this review is a look at the Utilite Pro, which is my new favorite pre-assembled ARM Linux desktop.
Categories: Linux News
In the last post, we talked about the different types of Web sites you can create or take advantage of. In this entry, we’ll talk about actually creating the Web-based pages you’ll need to sell your self-published book
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