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February 12, 2014

The GNOME Project has announced a few days ago that Epiphany 3.11.4 web browser is available for download and testing, as part of the recently released GNOME 3.11.5 unstable desktop environment.
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Mageia 4 was released recently. I made a fresh reinstall of my own KDE 64-bit system. Am I satisfied with the results? I'd say yes. Will I upgrade my Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon soon? The answer is "no".
Categories: Linux News
At the end of 90`s Mandrake Linux was the most popular distribution out there. Most thing that are today said about Ubuntu where first said about Mandrake. It was the number one distro from 1998 util 2004. User friendly, easy to use, easy to install, lot of preinstalled software, most popular by new users and Mandrake made at that point most users to change on Linux. All that is today said about Ubuntu. Yeah, Mandrake had also free shipping for DVDs back then. But soon the empire started to fall apart. In 2004 Mandrake had died. In 2005 Conectiva, the company who bought Mandrakesoft announced and released Mandriva and in 2006 they fired Gael Duval. Duval was the author of Mandrake. The new distribution, Mandriva, was nothing like good old Mandrake and it made lot of users to change their system. Fast forward to 2014 and let us have a look on the legacy of Mandrake Linux. Last stable release of Mandriva was in 2011 and it was not really stable. But in last 10 years Mandriva inspired many users and developers and new distributions popped out. One of them is Rosa Linux. Rosa Linux is a Russian Linux distribution.
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If you really hate spam, and you run your own e-mail servers, you'll be glad to know that Apache has released a new version of its award-winning, open-source anti-spam program SpamAssassin.
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Marcus Hanwell is a physicist by training, but his background in science led him down a different path than most reseachers. Today he is a contributer to a number of open source projects aimed at helping the scientific community better analyze and visualize their data. If you[he]#039[/he]ve got a question about finding the right open source tool for a scientific application, Marcus can point you in the right direction.
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February 11, 2014

Nootka is a graphical application intended to teach classical score notation.
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If you never had a chance to play the delightful Flash-based MMO game Glitch—soon to be rescued from the pit of dead games thanks to Creative Commons assets—I'll let its new tenders explain:
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Since this weekend we have known that systemd was winning the Debian init system battle, but now it's official: systemd has prevailed over Upstart in Debian...
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Google made Android open source so it would grow quickly, but it has to live with the real possibility that as open source software, they might not be able to control it forever.
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As a versatile network monitoring tool, Nagios can monitor the health of various network elements such as routers and switches. Among others, Nagios can be configured to monitor BGP sessions of a router, and generate alerts whenever there is something wrong in existing BGP session(s). Several BGP monitoring plugin tools exist for Nagios. These tools are useful in monitoring critical BGP peers of a router, and generating alerts for them. This tutorial will explain how to monitor BGP neighbors using Nagios plugin tools.
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Verizon customers have been complaining about poor Netflix performance lately, so the numbers aren't necessarily a surprise. Determining the actual cause of such performance slowdowns is never easy, though. That the latest performance complaints came after Verizon's win over the FCC in a court battle over net neutrality rules led to claims that Verizon was celebrating its victory by throttling Netflix traffic.
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Right now it’s too soon to tell what kind of CEO Satya Nadella will be for Microsoft. He may be a good guy who understands just how much his company has erred ethically, almost since day one, and who has plans to realign the company he now guides to a postion where it can become a positive force in the tech arena. I’m not expecting that. I’ve learned over the years to not expect anything sane or ethical from the Redmond company, no matter who’s in charge or doing the talking.
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The year 2013 continued the trend of the increasing importance of legal issues for the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) community.  FOSS projects have  increased from 900,000 in 2012 to 1,000,000 in 2013, according to Black Duck Software. (add link of report here)Last year, I provided a look at the top legal issues from the year before. Continuing with this tradition, here is my take on the top ten legal developments in FOSS during 2013.
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A recent discussion on LXer concerning the greatness that was Kmail reminded me that I never did a good write-up on installing the KDE3 fork, Trinity-DE.One of the more interesting aspects of this particular discussion is that I wasn't the one to bring up Trinity-DE. Usually, it's me who points out that the wondrous fantasticness that was KDE3 has not left the world, that Trinity-DE is alive and well.So it's time for a screenshot tutorial on installing Trinity-DE.
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Well it's been roughly eight months since the first major leaks about the NSA's PRISM surveillance program began to appear, and at last a coordinated global protest is imminent. Scheduled to take place on Tuesday, Feb. 11, The Day We Fight Back involves thousands of participating websites as well as protests, speaking events, street theater performances and more.
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The traditional Linux security model starts with file permissions. The model lets the kernel decide whether or not a process may access a resource based on permissions set as part of the filesystem. The coarse-grained granularity of this model often causes Linux processes to have too many rights. If more granularity is needed, one has to resort to adding security related code into the program source.
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I'm not really much of a computer gamer. That said, I'm both ashamed andoddly proud of the hours (probably thousands!) I spent playing Dune2000back when it was cutting-edge gaming technology. There's just somethingabout real-time strategy games that appeals to those of us lacking thereflexes for the more action-packed first-person shooters.
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Turkey is the latest country to slap heavy restrictions on the internet, a move that is baffling for a country that hopes to be a high tech center. But you can't try to control the masses and have a healthy business climate, and Turkey has to decide if it wants a strong internet-driven economy or control because it can't have both.
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There has been a lot of news about Belgian cryptographer Jean-Jacques Quisquater having his computer hacked, and whether the NSA or GCHQ is to blame. There have been a lot of assumptions and hyperbole, mostly related to the GCHQ attack against the Belgian telecom operator Belgacom.
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At about 1 p.m. this afternoon the security company behind the WordFence plugin for WordPress issued a security advisory via email informing users of their plugin that WordPress sites are currently under a brute force attack.
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