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May 14, 2014

If you need to write EXIF data to multiple photos, a simple yet efficient Bash shell script might be a better tool for the job than the all-mighty digiKam.
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The world’s leading PC maker Lenovo has also joined the Linux band-wagon and launched its first Linux-powered Chromebook for consumers space – earlier Lenovo offered Chromebooks for education. Lenovo has announced two Chromebooks – N20 and N20p. While both Chromebooks are identical, N20p offers a touchscreen display and its keyboard can flex 300° backward to convert from Laptop mode to Stand mode.
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Patching a Linux kernel without any downtime is likely to become a common practice over the next few years; two patches released earlier this year are likely to make what is a task requiring downtime something that can be done on the fly.
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Bravada is the début game from Russian developers Interbellum Team that features a cheery little story. It's a game like nothing I've ever played before and I rather enjoyed it. It's a tactical RPG game with turn-based battles like no other.
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Pidora, Hadoop in Docker, Bodhi 2.0 improved testing feedback system, Vagrant on Fedora, and Magazine authors wanted. Fedora is a big project, and it’s hard to follow it all. This […]
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In a move that seems somewhat obvious, Oracle May 13 announced OpenStack support for Oracle Linux and Oracle VM. Oracle had previously announced OpenStack support for its Solaris 11.2 Unix operating system that is currently in beta.
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A year ago, we wrote a whole post looking at the copyright questions raised by Canadian astronaut, Commander Chris Hadfield, doing a cover version of David Bowie's "Space Oddity," along with an astounding music video in space, as he prepared to return to earth. Hadfield, for months, had been a great ambassador for the space program, using a variety of social media to communicate with folks back on the planet about what his day was like. The "Space Oddity" video just cemented his place as a key figure helping to generate interest in the space program through regular public communications with everyone in a very accessible way.In our post, we noted that while the copyright issues were complicated, thankfully, it didn't really matter "because after a bunch of back and forth negotiations, they got all the permissions they needed directly from David Bowie." Except, as we find out today, that's not fully true.
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In the Netherlands a community of civil servants has developed an open source platform for collaboration within the public sector. What began as a team of four has grown to over 75,000 registered users. What happened? And, why was open source key to the project's success?
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Blu Linux 1.0, dubbed "Apple Thrillhouse" is available. Blu Linux is a fast, stable, and easy way to compute. Created by Open Source advocates, with everyone in mind! Blu Linux is a new Ubuntu-based distribution for the desktop.
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CompuLab unveiled a tiny, rugged SODIMM-style COM that runs Linux and Android on a quad-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 SoC, with Adreno 320 graphics. CompuLab’s “CM-QS600″ module measures just 65 x 68mm, making it a bit smaller than the 70 x 70mm, Qseven form-factor IFC6400 computer-on-module announced a year ago by Inforce Computing. Both […]
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Here's a surprise for you: We actually have a fairly good understanding of who is attacking us on the Internet and why. Various entities know not only which groups are doing the attacking, but also the names of the people in those groups. They know where they live, who their family members are, where they went to school, and when they go on vacation.
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Several vulnerabilities have been discovered in the Linux kernel that may lead to a denial of service, information leaks or privilege escalation.
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The OpenStack Summit devoted many sessions to securing the open-source cloud platform. Some experts said the cloud offers an opportunity to do good security work.
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A Group of researchers, Lin-Shung Huang , Alex Ricey , Erling Ellingseny and Collin Jackson, from the Carnegie Mellon University in collaboration with Facebook have analyzed more than 3 million SSL connections and found strong evidence that at least 6;845 (0:2%) of them were in fact tampered with forged certificates i.e. self-signed digital certificates that aren't authorized by the legitimate website owners, but will be accepted as valid by most browsers.
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Howto enroll and use a Yubikey with privacyIDEA. We use the latest 0.9.1 from
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DataStax and Databricks have partnered to combine NoSQL data storage based on open source Apache Cassandra with Apache Spark data analytics.
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An Ubuntu Touch X86 emulator has been released and allows users to test the latest images of the Ubuntu for phones operating system.
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Olimex has entered the computer-on-module market with three Linux- and Android-ready COMs, based on Allwinner’s A13 and A20 SoCs, and on TI’s AM3352.
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Your server appearing pretty slow could be many things from wrong configs, scripts and dodgy hardware – but sometimes it could be because someone is flooding your server with traffic known as DoS ( Denial of Service ) or DDoS ( Distributed Denial of Service ).
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Following last week's terrible ruling from the appeals court of the Federal Circuit (CAFC), a lot of people have been trying to dig into what this would mean if it stands. As we mentioned, this is far from the end of the line. Google can (and will) seek a reversal, either from the entire CAFC or the Supreme Court. And even if that is rejected or fails, the case still goes back to the district court level to determine the fair use question (which will then see its own series of appeals). In short, this is not even close to being settled yet -- which means many, many, many millions of dollars in legal fees are going to be tossed around before this is settled. That, alone, is a mess for innovators and entrepreneurs who are in a state of flux given the situation.But, rest assured, if this ruling holds, it will be bad news for innovators. Over a year ago, Sacha Labourey had a good explanation of what's at stake here:
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