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May 13, 2014

Rikomagic is prepping an Android 4.4 ready “MK902II” mini-PC claimed to be three times faster than earlier models thanks to its Cortex-A17 Rockchip RK3288.
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Tesseract is a first-person shooter game focused on instagib deathmatch and capture-the-flag gameplay as well as cooperative in-game map editing.
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This is the continuation of part four of a series based on talks at February at DevConf in the Czech Republic. Last week, I was going to cover all of the reports from each of the Working Group liaisons but that turned out to be quite a wall of text, so I’m going to do them one by one, with Marcela Mašlá?ová from the Environments and Stacks Working Group this week.
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The only reason that Williamson County as a whole shows a high per capita income is because Round Rock is home to thousands of “dellionaires.” Round Rock is the international headquarters for Dell. Dellionaires are Dell employees who owned Dell stock before it took off and made them some money. A lot of money. At one time there were everyday employees at Dell worth a million dollars or more — thus the term “dellionaires.” Without them, Williamson county population would have a much lower income average.
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Make no mistake about it. Heartbleed was open-source's worst hour. But, it wasn't a failure of open source per se. It was a failure to actually practice open-source development methods. Ed Bott debates Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols. Be sure to bring your pop-corn!
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Another blog post from the Valve developer Rich Geldreich who works on the Vogl OpenGL debugger. This time Rich lends his experienced thoughts to the state of OpenGL in vendors drivers.
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May 12, 2014

How to wirelessly connect to your Raspberry Pi, or any existing network connected to it
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It took a while, but Red Hat has finally open-sourced its ManageIQ cloud management software as part of OpenStack.
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In today's open source roundup: A review of Tails 1.0. Plus: Sabayon Linux 14.05 GNOME screenshot tour, and Calibre 1.36 released with new features.
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The open government movement has become super-charged over the last year. Largely in part to the people and organizations on the front lines. At the 2013 Code for America Summit held in San Francisco, California, I got a chance to speak with some of the people who are volunteering their time, finding better ways to make government work for us, and bridging the gap for citizens to access and participate in their government.
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Your main workstation has a lot of power, so free it up to do better things. When you work with 3D or video rendering, you quickly realize—excuse the tacky, car-salesman tone of this cliché—that time is actually money. Under a tight deadline with very demanding tasks, you need more than just a faster machine. You need a lot more power, and one of the main ways of getting it is to divide your task among networked machines.
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The CoreOS Linux project debuted its first beta release last week. CoreOS aims to deliver a thin operating system that is optimized to deliver Docker containers for virtualized applications. Beyond just being a thin operating system, CoreOS has taken steps to enable and provide high-availability.
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With password-based authentication so prevalent online these days, you may need or already use some sort of password management tool. There are various online or offline services or software tools for that matter, and they vary in terms of their sophistication, user interface or target environments (e.g., enterprises or end users). For end users, there […]Continue reading...The post How to manage passwords from the command line on Linux appeared first on Xmodulo.Related FAQs:How to manage multiple passwords on Linux How to manage VMs with OpenStack command line tools How to manage your music library from the command line on Linux How to access Dropbox from the command line in Linux How to launch a GUI-based desktop program from command line in Linux
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Rich Geldreich states these are his personal thoughts after working with OpenGL, Rich is currently working at Valve on 'Vogl' an open source OpenGL debugger. He makes some interesting points.
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The Perfect Server - OpenSUSE 13.1 x86_64 (Apache2, Dovecot, ISPConfig 3)This is a detailed description about how to set up an OpenSUSE 13.1 64bit (x86_64) server that offers all services needed by ISPs and hosters: Apache web server (SSL-capable) with PHP, CGI and SSI support, Postfix mail server with SMTP-AUTH, TLS and virtual mail users, BIND DNS server, Pureftpd FTP server, MySQL server, Dovecot POP3/IMAP, Quota, Firewall, Mailman, etc. Since version 3.0.4, ISPConfig comes with full support for the nginx web server in addition to Apache; this tutorial covers the setup of a server that uses Apache, not nginx.
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If you work in an organization that isn’t focused on development, where computer systems are used to support other core business functions, getting management buy-in for the use of open source can be tricky. Here's how I negotiated with my boss and my team to get them to accept and try open source software.
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Sabayon 14.05 is a modern and easy to use Linux distribution based on Gentoo, following an extreme, yet reliable, rolling-release model. This is a monthly release generated, tested and published to mirrors by our build servers containing the latest and greatest collection of software available in the Entropy repositories. Sabayon developers have the funny habit of packaging all the latest stuff that is in the Gentoo repositories and make it available as soon as possible to our users. If you are looking for the latest KDE, GNOME or LibreOffice, the chances that it's in the repos already are very high.
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Sabayon Linux 14.05, an operating system designed for Linux enthusiasts who want the latest packages and the best performance, but don't want to spend days getting things working properly, is now available for download.
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... Of course, a Windows 7 license will set you back $100, so you’re not saving as much as you’d hope. Instead you could try an operating system based on Linux. These are free, come with everything you need for basic computing, and will run great on older hardware. If you’re going to give this a whirl, check out Linux Mint. The MATE edition should run better than XP, in fact.
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Want to know why there are bad patents? Because there's no such thing as a true "final rejection" of a patent (i.e., you can always keep refiling and try, try, trying again and again until it's approved) and because the former head of the Patent Office, David Kappos, saw it as his main challenge to get rid of the giant backlog in getting patents approved. And thus, soon after Kappos took over the USPTO, we noted that patent approval rates started shooting upwards. Over the previous six years or so, the approval rate had been in a gradual decline, with it really starting to drop off around 2004, just as the Supreme Court started hitting back on a bunch of bad patent rulings, and making it clearer that, no, not "everything under the sun" should be patentable. However, Kappos never appeared to view patent quality as important, merely patent quantity and ending the backlog -- and thus, the patent office started to take an approve anything mentality.
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