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October 4, 2014

ARM announced a free Mbed OS for use in IoT devices based on its Cortex-M microcontrollers, plus an Mbed Device Server stack for cloud-based IoT management. At ARM TechCon in Santa Clara, Calif., ARM announced an Mbed IoT Device Platform based around a new “Mbed OS” operating system for ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers (MCUs). Mbed OS […]
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Apple will soon have to face a trial over accusations it used digital rights management, or DRM, to unlawfully maintain a lead in the iPod market, a federal judge has ruled. The plaintiffs' lawyers, representing a class of consumers who bought iPods between 2006 and 2009, are asking for $350 million.
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Controlling a remote computer is something you're all familiar with. Whether that means RDP to your corporate Windows Server (we don't judge), Apple Remote Desktop (which is really VNC) to your OS X machine orVNC/X11/etc. into your GUI Linux machine, it's always a pain in the rear.
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Fedora is a big project, and it’s hard to keep up with it all. This series highlights interesting happenings in five different areas every week. It isn’t comprehensive news coverage […]
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When you're dealing with audio files, you'll run into a few problems every so soften. This is especially true with voice recordings and audio that was converted to a digital format from a cassette tape or a vinyl record. One of the biggest problems is noise. This could be hissing or background noise like the sound of the wind or a loud air conditioning unit, or even someone inadvertently breathing into a microphone. No matter what the source is, that noise is distracting. And while it's difficult to eliminate all of the noise from a digital audio recording, it is possible to clean the file up so that the noise tolerable.
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I remember the days of old when "Linux has no games!" was a common argument against using it. Now with developers flocking to put Linux versions of games up on Steam we are seeing over 700!
Categories: Linux News
LinkSprite unveiled a “pcDuino Acadia 1? SBC that runs Linux or Android on a 1.2GHz Freescale i.MX6 Quad SoC and features eMMC flash and dual microSD slots. LinkSprite Technologies, which hosts the open source project for pcDuino single board computers, last month announced a pcDuino3Nano SBC, featuring a dual-core, 1GHz Cortex-A7 Allwinner A20 system-on-chip for only $39. At last weekend’s Maker Faire New York, the company unveiled a quad-core based SBC called the pcDuino Acadia 1. No pricing or availability information was released.
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In today's open source roundup: GNOME 3.14 might be bringing users back from other desktops. Plus: Why are command line interfaces still popular? And a preview of the gaming distro Play Linux.
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Crusader Kings II is a strategy game available on Linux, featuring single and multi-player, and set in various historical periods. Crusader Kings II was launched in 2012 and it received positive reviews.
Categories: Linux News
qAndora is a cross platform, open source, Pandora Internet Radio client written in Python using Qt and VLC.
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Qt Developer Days Europe is next Monday to Wednesday in Berlin. It features tutorials and talks on making the most of the Qt toolkit most KDE Software is based upon. Since Qt opened up its development process a large part of KDE Frameworks development has been to ensure close cooperation between the two projects. This has succeeded spectaularly well and at this Qt Dev Days an incredible over 50% of the speakers are active or past developers with KDE.Some highlights include The Designer's Cookbook by VDG master Jens Reuterberg, Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen talking about Calligra Gemini in 2-in-1 Office Suite, David Faure will talk about and the KDE Frameworks and David Edmundson will talk on Plasma - A flexible workspace shell. Look at the schedule to see many more.As usual slides from the talks should be up on the website after the event for those who can not be there. KDE e.V. is a partner organisation of Qt Dev Days with vice-president Aleix Pol representing our community to anyone who wants to find out more.
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GamingOnLinux recently did a live-stream of Borderlands 2 to celebrate the Linux release. We streamed for 3 hours and this post now has the youtube videos up for Linux gaming viewing!
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Of all the technology companies in the world, Apple is easily the biggest in terms of its cash pile. Yet when it comes to security issues, the company appears to be unwilling to invest enough resources to keep its users safe in a timely fashion.
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October 3, 2014

GNOME Boxes is a native GNOME 3 application for accessing remote machines and local virtual systems, primarily using the libvirt technology. Consider it an alternative to VirtualBox and VMPlayer.
Categories: Linux News
Calibre, the document viewer and organizer (also called an e-library), has received another major update today, just one week away after the 2.4 version was published on September 25. This version brings three new features and includes many bug fixes for the popular document viewer.
Categories: Linux News
This week, we look at the impact of cloud (and its mate mobile) on sports, how one organization survived the great AWS reboot of 2014 and yet another cloud infrastructure price cut (how low can they go).
Categories: Linux News
Red Hat has released Storage Server 3, which has 200 percent more storage capacity and better Hadoop integration, among other features. The company also plans to keep Inktank Ceph around for now.
Categories: Linux News
Interested in building an open source cloud using the latest and greatest that OpenStack has to offer? You're not alone. We've collected some of the best howtos, guides, tutorials, and tips published over the past month into this handy collection. Take a look, get ready to learn, and when you get stuck, remember that he official documentation for OpenStack is your friend, too.
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This is an overview of document viewers and e-book readers for Linux, but also several CHM viewers. Currently there are 8 applications reviewed here. Notice that I didn't include ChmSee in this review, since it was announced that it is no longer maintained, and as such it doesn't come included in the latest Ubuntu repositories (14.04).
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The Ubuntu Touch operating system has just received a new RTM branch and the developers are working hard to provide a stable and good operating system. We've put together a video tour of Ubuntu Touch.
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