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February 14, 2014

I wrote an article a while back showing how to set up a lightweight web server on the Raspberry PI. I was asked if I could elaborate further and show how to install and set up WordPress. This is a short guide showing how to do just that.
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WebODF is an AGPL-licensed JavaScript library that provides Open Document Format support on the web with collaborative editing capabilities. In the four years the project has been around, it's been making great success but they have even more plans going forward.
Categories: Linux News
You don't get to Play unless you're up-to-date. Google is reportedly embarking on a quixotic quest to unify the versions of Android circulating in the wild, by trying to bar access to Google Play if a device ships with a too-old revision.
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The second part in my investigation into how well developers are doing on Linux with selling their games via the Steam store.
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With Valve giving away their games free to Debian developers and now Valve's games are free to Ubuntu developers too, sadly it's no surprise there's some individuals trying to be impostors and get these games for free by posing as the developers.
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Horizon View's HTML5 access will pipe legacy apps into Google-land. VMware and Google have announced an “expanded relationship” targeting organisations using or considering Chrome OS.
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Papers, Please is now on Linux which joins a very long list of games available for us on Steam.
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The GNU Guix package manager / distribution system is still active in development and the developers have planned a road-map to reaching version 1.0.
Categories: Linux News
This week, we look at whether OpenStack should embrace AWS or run away from it, how RackSpace has gone all in on open source and how quickly OpenStack has grown up.
Categories: Linux News
FFmpeg and its forked Libav have each added an H.265 / HEVC encoder today to their respective code-bases...
Categories: Linux News
Linphone was the first open source software to use the session initiation protocol (SIP) with VoIP. The open software has voice, video and messaging features that can be used with any SIP VoIP operator. And because of its open source nature, it can be distributed for free.
Categories: Linux News
The Tizen Association announced 15 new members, including Baidu, SoftBank, Sprint, and ZTE, following a Samsung leak of an updated TouchWiz UI for Tizen. Tizen has always been the presumed heavyweight among the new crop of mobile Linux operating systems, yet it has increasingly seemed more like a wispy shadow. Now, despite growing signs that […]
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Although its timetable may not always be ideal, Valve has come through forLinux users lately. Not only has it released a native Linux versionof Steam (with many native games!), it also has expanded its Linuxsupport as the basis for its standalone SteamBox. The first step towarda Steam-powered console is the operating system.
Categories: Linux News
Ideum is prepping an Android 4.1 version of its 46-inch, Intel Core i7-based Platform 46 Coffee Table, featuring 3M’s 60-touch, capacitive HD touchscreen. Ideum is currently shipping the 3M-enabled Platform 46 Coffee Table with Windows 8 support, starting at $6,950, and is now preparing an Android 4.1 version due “later this year. The Android multi-touch […]
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February 13, 2014

Here in my office, I have two different desktops running Linux. One is running Arch Linux and the other is running Ubuntu. Both distributions are fully up to date, with Ubuntu running the latest release. Each desktop has its assigned tasks throughout my work day, with the Arch box serving as my daily use PC for most work
Categories: Linux News
In past articles, I have looked at distributions that were built withsome scientific discipline in mind. In this article, I take a lookat yet another one. In this case, I cover what is providedby NeuroDebian.
Categories: Linux News
Linux on the desktop may have missed its adoption time line, but Linux in the cloud is a win-win proposition for the post-PC movement. Microsoft's Azure may be the only real threat to Linux cloud dominance -- all other major cloud software platforms are based on Linux and open source software. Some enterprise Linux distros are showing up as cloud-based offerings.
Categories: Linux News
Vodafone joined Ubuntu’s Carrier Advisory Group, as Ubuntu demoed more progress on a unified desktop and mobile UI — but a Debian decision on init could further isolate Ubuntu. Canonical has yet to sign up any vendors or carriers for upcoming smart phones running Ubuntu, which is not surprising, considering the first Ubuntu phone release […]
Categories: Linux News
Ever since I got suspend/resume working in Fedora 20, I've been rebooting maybe once a week. That's because I love suspend/resume. I love being able to close to laptop lid to put the machine to sleep and open the lid to wake it up. But since the battery was running low a few nights ago, I decided to do a full shutdown. I turned the laptop on the next day, and it wouldn't boot into Fedora proper. I couldn't get to the login screen.
Categories: Linux News
Microsoft understands the importance of apps. Apps are how it gained its grip on desktop computing. The company made it easy for software developers to write for MS DOS, thereby making it easy for users of “IBM compatible” computers to find needed programs, thereby creating a demand for desktop computers loaded with Microsoft’s finest. This strategy quickly brought DOS and then Windows to dominance on the PC, which Redmond proceeded to parlay into a monopoly.
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