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May 17, 2014

This is the continuation of part four of a series based on talks at February at DevConf in the Czech Republic. I was going to cover all of the reports from each of the Working Group liaisons in one post, but that turned out to be quite a wall of text, so I’m going to do them one by one, with Stephen Gallagher from the Fedora Server Working Group this week.
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A Raspberry Pi accessory with an odd name, it’s essential for making some amazing projects.
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May 16, 2014

Canonical has introduced a new OpenStack cloud hosting service and Ubuntu OpenStack training, while also achieving milestones in the OpenStack cloud computing world.
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Linux Lite 2.0 beta is now available for download and testing. This build is the work of four months of constant development and the implementation of the best ideas from the team and the wider community. This also marks the beginning of our own repositories for our custom software so that changes and improvements to the operating system can be offered regularly. Now Lite User Manager, Lite Manual, Lite Software and Lite Fix can evolve more easily to meet the needs of the user. In this release we wanted to combine the newest versions of well-established and supported software like LibreOffice, WINE and GIMP so that people have access to the latest features in those programs.
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For most video-watching aficionados, VLC is an essential piece of software. The open-source app is well known for being a fantastic movie and music player, but there are a few clever tricks that can help you get a lot more out of the media player. We gathered seven fun and useful VLC features, that will help you get the most out of the media player.
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One of the ironic twists in this story is that Red Hat held its OpenStack Summit party on May 14 at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta. To be sure, it was a lavish event with plenty of food and drink, but at the heart of the World of Coca-Cola building there lies a secret.
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This week, we look at IBM's attempt to pivot to the cloud, Microsoft's monumentally bad timing around its cloud music service announcement and Alibaba getting into the cloud infrastructure game.
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Sometimes we, as a normal user or a system admin, need to know how well our system is running. Many questions related to system status can be answered by checking log files generated by active services. However, inspecting every bit of log files is not easy even for seasoned system admins. That is why they […]Continue reading...The post How to set up a web-based lightweight system monitor on Linux appeared first on Xmodulo.Related FAQs:How to set up a lightweight web server on Raspberry Pi How to monitor a Linux server and desktop remotely from web browser How to set up web-based network traffic monitoring system on Linux How to monitor common services with Nagios How to monitor Linux servers with SNMP and Cacti
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This time last year, Carrie Anne Philbin was a teacher. And not just any teacher. In becoming Google Certified and a Key Stage 3 ICT subject leader at a school in East London, she had grown into something else: an evangelist for the power of a small, credit card-sized computer that we all know as the Raspberry Pi.
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The best software prioritizes the needs of its users. Listening to the user and more closely involving them in all aspects of design, development, and documentation has been a key focus of this year's OpenStack Summit, which is wrapping up here in Atlanta todayThe user is an important aspect of any open source project, but for a big project with lots of different overlapping use cases, understanding the user is even more important.
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The Mozilla Foundation appears to be capable of blowing hot and cold when it suits them. On Wednesday, it announced that it would be including digital restrictions (or rights, if you prefer) management in Firefox via code from Adobe.
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Salix 14.1 Beta 1 is available for testing. Salix OS is a Slackware-based Linux distribution that is simple, fast, easy to use and compatible with Slackware Linux. Optimised for desktop use, Salix OS features one application per task, custom package repositories, advanced package management with dependency support, localised system administration tools and innovative artwork.
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Hirschgarten, in the west of Munich, is one of Europe's biggest beer gardens, with over 8,000 places to sit. It's a spectacular sight in summer: hundreds of benches as far as the eye can see, trees providing some shelter from the heat, and a vast number of people relaxing and enjoying the city's famous beers.But while 8,000 is an impressive number, it's not as impressive as 15,000. That's how many people the Munich city council has switched from Windows to Linux over the last decade. Migrating workers of Germany's third-largest city was no easy task and there were plenty of hurdles along the way, but by and large the project has been a storming success.
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Mint 17 is on its way. If you are a Windows user you might want to consider trying Linux Mint out in a virtual machine prior to the release date to get used to the look and feel. This guide shows you how to set up Linux Mint in VirtualBox.
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VersaLogic announced a rugged, Linux-friendly PC/104 SBC based on Intel’s Atom E3800 series SoCs and featuring a unique new “OneBank” stackable PCIe bus. VersaLogic’s “Bengal” SBC announcement is the third BayTrail-on-PC/104 story we’ve heard this year. Other recently announced E3800-based PC/104 form-factor SBCs include ADL’s ADLE3800PC, announced in February, and Adlink’s quartet of CMx-BTx SBCs […]
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Debarshi Ray recently blogged that the ability to make your gnome-terminal have a transparent background is now enabled again in Fedora (via an update to the gnome-terminal package). This optional […]
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Linux Mint founder Clement Lefebvre announced an important decision taken on the Mint release cycles. Starting immediately with Linux Mint 17 “Qiana”, the Ubuntu-based operating system will be based only on the LTS releases.
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Git has become the most popular version-tracking platform around for open-source projects. Whether you're using GitHub, Gitorious, Bitbucket or similar, or even if you're hosting the git repository yourself, accessing the code is something us Linux users take for granted.
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ConnectBlue announced a tiny multi-wireless COM with Bluetooth 4.0, dual-band WiFi, and dual-Ethernet connectivity, and running Linux on a TI Sitara SoC.
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Every release, Fedora packages up a bunch of what we call Supplemental Wallpapers. These are additional wallpapers for Fedora users to use instead of the official default wallpaper. Submissions are now open for anyone to submit a freely-licensed wallpaper. If you want to install these wallpapers on your current Fedora 20 system, install the heisenbug-backgrounds-extras-gnome package, and the wallpapers will show up in the GNOME wallpaper settings.
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