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February 18, 2014

For the last decade we’ve watched an epic contest unfold between open source and proprietary technology, and 2014 is the year that this dynamic will radically transform. The lines between open source and proprietary are becoming irrevocably blurred as proprietary firms pour resources into open source development and open source companies dial in their revenue models. Above all else, the open source community is producing the technologies businesses need to be competitive in the data-rich 21st century.
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We have been having the biggest debate of the mobile world for a few years now… Android, or iOS? Each of them have their own major perks. Android has its insane amount of customization possibilities, and iOS has its ease of use (just to name a few). However, a new report from the IDC shows us some irrefutable proof: Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world.
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Are you an XP user looking for a similar alternative? Is your PC aging but you don't care for the Windows 8 Metro interface?
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If you have some ancient hardware that you need to breathe new life into, or if you need to fit a distro on a modestly sized memory stick, the first thing you should look at is the window manager/desktop environment.
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I have told the story of how FinTP, the first open source application for processing financial transactions, was born. Here, I would like to present a deeper view on how the community is being built, its structure and governance and why I think people should join such communities. I myself am a founding member of two communities, the first being built together with my friends after our first bachelor party, from a desire to preserve our spirit of joy and good vibes. The second one is the open source community around FinTP, called FINkers United.
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WazHack looks pretty interesting, it looks like a platformer, but it is actually rogue-like with lots of items, monsters and sticky situations.
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Evolve OS is a new upcoming Linux distribution based on openSUSE and sporting a new desktop environment based on the Gnome 3 stack. You may immediately be thinking, is this yet another 'Ubuntu Killer' promising a lot and ultimately delivering little? But Evolve OS has a different philosophy and some interesting ideas. Read on to find out more.
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After two years of hard work, the development team behind SliTaz, an open source and minimalistic Linux distribution built from scratch, has announced that a new development (cooking) release is now ready for testing.
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Last week Google and VMware made a deal to run Windows software in a Desktop as a Service scenario on Google Chromebooks, a move which could make the devices more palatable to cloud-averse IT executives.
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For months now David Herrmann has been working on a new project known as OpenWFD for open-source WiFi displays on Linux. OpenWFD is an open-source implementation of the WiFi Display Standard / Miracast. That work is now showing success and as part of that Herrmann has just announced Miraclecast as a component to providing open-source Miracast/WFD support on the Linux desktop.
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A few weeks after the rumors that RAID support will be removed from the Disks application of the upcoming GNOME 3.12 desktop environment surfaced, the GNOME Project has finally released this past weekend a first development version of the upcoming GNOME Disk Utility 3.12 software.
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It was discovered that file, a file type classification tool, contains a flaw in the handling of "indirect" magic rules in the libmagic library, which leads to an infinite recursion when trying to determine the file type of certain files.
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DFI has introduced a 4th Generation Intel Core based Mini-ITX board, with a choice of CPUs and power inputs, plus PCIe, Mini-PCIe, and LPC expansion.
Categories: Linux News
Several vulnerabilities have been discovered in the chromium web browser. CVE-2013-6641.
Categories: Linux News
[img][/img]In this article, the author brings together the information so far known on the KDE4 "semantic desktop" and indicates that from his perspective, the principal problem is the removal of "choice". Since disabling of the "semantic desktop" automatically leads to disabling of the KDE email client KMail, the article explains how Thunderbird can be installed to replace the KDE email client. The startling news that Nepomuk is to be discarded is also briefly discussed.
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Log-in credentials derived from geographical information could reduce the majority of data breaches by providing an almost uncrackable replacement for conventional passwords, according to security researchers.
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Today in Open Source: Will Chrome OS and Android dominate the 2014 Linux desktop? Plus: Red Flag Linux bites the dust, and an anatomy of a Linux system. How ironic that Android Desktop and Chrome OS are two of the first slides in the article. Did anybody ever really think that Google would be the one that might introduce Linux to the broader desktop market?
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The generic input library (libinput) targeting Wayland now has a proper multi-touch touch-pad implementation.
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I thought it was about time I gave some limelight to some really great open source game engines that work on Linux, from official open source games to unofficial open source engines to allow you to run games on Linux that you couldn't normally!
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Like any open source community, OpenStack has its local quirks when it comes to getting involved in the project. This is further complicated, in the case of OpenStack, by the fact that it's actually a collection of numerous smaller projects which are linked together via shared APIs, but which have independent objectives and developer communities.This article isn't comprehensive, by any means, but it's an attempt to show you some of the places where you can plug into the community. It's especially important to note that you don't have to be a programmer to be a valuable contributor to OpenStack.
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