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June 25, 2014

Máirín Duffy just blogged that there is now a clear winner in the branding / logos design process. There were many iterations, and some great ideas during the process of brainstorming and designing the logo.
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The latest list of the fastest supercomputers in the world is out -- and not only does Linux rule, it's almost eliminated all of its competition.
Categories: Linux News
A company that topped the list of obvious casualties in the post-PC era has thrived due to surprising changes to the way it does things. Most especially, how it works with developers.
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Coding advanced asynchronous I/O with Python's new high-level streams API.
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Debian squeezes more life out of its 'oldstable' branch
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June 24, 2014

Explore Software Defined Networking (SDN) network management via software abstraction layers as a method to enhance and optimize your Infrastructure as a Service in the areas of interoperability, user and provider expectation management, developer and administrator requirements, and effective risk mitigation.
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Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin talks to Wall Street about tomorrow's technology and what role open source will play.
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What it was like to develop "open source software" before it even had a name
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At this point, I have more usernames and passwords to juggle than any person should ever have to deal with. I know I’m not alone, either. We have a surfeit […]
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Bring civilization to Sproggiwood, a story-driven, turn-based roguelike set in a world of mischief and wonder. One moment, you’re a simple farmer from the peaceful island of Clog -- the next, you’re lured through a mysterious portal by a talking sheep.
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Apache Tomcat is the most popular open-source Java web server. If your web site is expecting more traffic as your business grows, a single instance of Tomcat will probably not scale with the growing traffic. In that case, you might be thinking to run Tomcat in a "clustered" environment, where web server workload is distributed […]Continue reading...The post How to configure a Tomcat cluster on Ubuntu appeared first on Xmodulo.Related FAQs:How to install Apache Tomcat on CentOS How to install LAMP server on Ubuntu How to configure SNMPv3 in Ubuntu, CentOS and Cisco How to set up a secure Apache webserver on Ubuntu How to install and configure KVM and Open vSwitch on Ubuntu or Debian
Categories: Linux News
Youtube-dl is a small command-line program to download videos from YouTube website and other sites that don't provide direct links to the videos served.
Categories: Linux News
Open source is the combined contributions of millions of independent volunteers. This single concept brings with it a few inherent realities. In this article let's look at a few potentially concerning points about the nature of open source contributions.
Categories: Linux News
A few weeks back, I wrote about the end of Windows XP having a galvanising effect on the use of free software in China. Of course, other parts of the world face the same problems of finding something to replace Windows XP, and others are also turning to free software...
Categories: Linux News
Mirantis has announced a new, upper-level OpenStack open source cloud computing training and certification offering.
Categories: Linux News
Peppermint OS LLC is excited to announce the launch of our latest operating system, Peppermint Five. Lightweight and designed for speed, Peppermint Five delivers on that promise whether using software on your desktop, online, or using cloud-based applications. Highlights: built on a long-term support (LTS) code base, Ubuntu 14.04; Peppermint Ice is our in-house built SSB manager, it has been rewritten from scratch and is now significantly more stable and more feature rich than past versions; we've fixed a number of upstream bugs present in Lubuntu, the specific project we fork from; Peppermint-Light is our new window manager and widget theme designed to offer a clean and relatively flat look and feel.
Categories: Linux News
Quirky unveiled an open, Linux-based “Wink” home automation hub and mobile app that control devices available at GE, The Home Depot, and elsewhere. New York City based Quirky announced its new Wink subsidiary, home automation hub, and smartphone app in The New York Times, and released a brief announcement in preparation for next week’s full launch. A Quirky rep confirmed our suspicions that the Wink Hub runs embedded Linux, but offered no further hardware details.
Categories: Linux News
Google's BoringSSL, a fork of the open source OpenSSL software for encrypting Web data, will spread the open source community's resources thinner.
Categories: Linux News
In this tutorial we will describe how to install Virtualbox Guest additions on Fedora Linux virtual machine. The rule of thumb here is that the most recent Fedora Linux version requires up to date Vitualbox installation. Having said that, it is possible to install Virtualbox Guest additions for most recent Fedora Linux using outdated Virtualbox installation, however the process would not be that straight forward. Therefore, if possible, before you continue to read, see what version of Virtualbox you are running and compare it with the version found on the official Virtualbox website.
Categories: Linux News
Plasma Media Center 1.2 was released as a Christmas gift. Now, we bring to you Plasma Media Center 1.3! As always, we have made sure to make it easier to enjoy your favorite videos, music and photos - both from your collection as well as online sources.
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