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February 21, 2014

A documentation about how to set up a shared storage space for VM virtual disks using clustered LVM (CLVMD)
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The open source business model has an inherent ability to bring software rivals together. This approach to developing and distributing software keeps expanding the usefulness and success of the Linux operating system as well. Linux has not yet come close to replacing Windows on the desktop, but open source is much more than Linux. Its "co-opetive" nature is spreading through the enterprise.
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February 20, 2014

Early Linux 3.14 kernel benchmarks indicated there might be some slowdowns in disk/file-system performance for this next major kernel release. That early testing was done from an Intel ultrabook with solid-state drive while we're now in the process of carrying out more focused testing of Linux 3.14 on both HDDs and SSDs. In this article are our first hard drive benchmarks from the Linux 3.14 Git kernel compared to the stable 3.12 and 3.13 kernels.
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I came to work with open source after an experience in college. We used a system called[he]nbsp[/he]Usenet,a world wide distributed discussion forum. At the university, there wasn[he]#039[/he]t an email client I liked, so I wrote one and just gave it (including the source code) to whoever wanted it. This experience introduced me to a community of people who made things and shared them; it also introduced me to a job at my alma mater as a Usenet administrator.
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This release of GParted fixes a resize/move problem introduced in 0.16.2 that set partition size smaller than ext2/3/4, ntfs, and reiserfs file systems in certain situations. Also included are bug fixes and language translation updates. Key changes include: Fix partition size less than ext2/3/4, ntfs, reiserfs file system. Prevent crash when creating new partition on disk with loop label.
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There is a two-pronged battle raging for the soul of the cloud. The first involves the cloud infrastructure players and the second, the controllers of the pipes, and how this battle resolves itself could have a profound impact on your business as you move more of your infrastructure to the cloud.
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In this tutorial I will show you how you can change the look and behavior of the prompt to show more details or use a different coloring style.
Categories: Linux News
RiskIQ, an Internet security company, claims that malicious apps have grown by almost 400 percent on Google's Android Play store.
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The developers of Zorin specialise in making a Linux distribution that is easy to use and complete. The desktop unashamedly mimics the Windows 7 environment. With whizzy screen effects and a decent software selection, Zorin OS 8 is a great choice for newcomers to Linux
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The next version of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch will run the Linux-based Tizen operating system instead of Android, suggests a USA Today report. According to the USA Today story, the next generation of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch will depend on Tizen’s HTML5 stack for its application development.
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Robolinux now supports the newest version of VirtualBox, 4.3.6, which has webcam sharing and many new improvements; the Windows virtual machine installers have been completely re-written to support VirtualBox 4.3.6; all Robolinux versions prior to 7.4.1 do not work with the newest Robolinux virtual machine installers and Stealth VM software tools; completely new Stealth VM software tools have been released and may be downloaded after making a very small donation.
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This tutorial shows how to use the nginx upload progress module to upload one or multiple files and display an upload progress bar for the user. This is useful, for example, if users upload large files, so that they know that something is going on in the background.
Categories: Linux News
Starbound my favourite indie game of the moment has released a new major patch titled 'Enraged Koala'. Sadly it came with a few game-breaking issues.
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My favorite scene in Star Trek IV is when Scotty tries to use the computer in the 1980s. When he's told he must use the mouse, he responds, "how quaint", and then proceeds to try speaking into the mouse for the computer to respond.
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Denx is formally launching the 74 x 42mm “MCV” computer-on-module at Embedded World 2014, Feb. 25-27 in Nuremberg, Germany, along with version 5.5 of its Embedded Linux Development Kit (ELDK) platform and distribution (see farther below). The pioneering Gröebenzell, Germany based embedded Linux house, which created U-Boot, among other contributions, continues to develop a variety of Linux-ready embedded embedded systems and COMs, such as its Freescale i.MX53x based M53 module.
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Cobalt from Oxeye Game Studio is due to go into beta soon, this is four years after being in alpha. The Linux version was due at beta, but they have decided to do it now and delay the Linux release.
Categories: Linux News
The first smartphones running Ubuntu will ship this year, Canonical now says – although the Linux vendor's hardware partners are hardly the first companies you might guess. In January, Ubuntu community manager Jono Bacon said that getting major carriers on board with the upstart mobile OS was "longer-term," and that the first Ubuntu smartphones would be built by small manufacturers who serve small regions. Apparently he wasn't kidding.
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Slackel 6.0 Beta 1 is available. Slackel is a Linux distribution and live CD based on Slackware Linux and Salix OS. It is fully compatible with both. It uses the current version of Slackware and the latest version of the KDE desktop. The Slackel disc images are offered in two different forms - installation and live.
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Big Blue has just announced the IBM Power Development Platform (PDP) which will allow no-charge access, via cloud, to Power Systems servers for building, porting and testing applications.
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The first native Ubuntu smartphones are expected to be in customers' hands in 2014.
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