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February 24, 2014

To install and run Concrete5 on a Linux VPS with CentOS follow the very easy steps....
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As expected, Linus Torvalds announced Sunday night that the fourth Release Candidate (RC) version of the upcoming Linux kernel 3.14 is now available for download and testing.
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Photocrumbs is another spare-time project of mine. Every now and then, I need to quickly throw a handful of photos on the web without going through the rigmaroles of using a full-blown photo sharing solution. So I cobbled together a super simple single-file PHP app for instant photo publishing.
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Open source software in healthcare has been instrumental for sharing common tools and increasing adoption of emerging medical information technology (IT) standards. By leading the effort to digitize health data, imaging informatics has set the precedent for the adoption of the technology industry[he]#039[/he]s best practices and subsequently open source software.
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Ford will ditch Microsoft in favor of BlackBerry to power its next-generation infotainment systems, inside sources claim, switching to QNX for increasingly complex car multimedia duties after ongoing criticisms of the current SYNC system. The transition, yet to be officially announced by either Ford or BlackBerry, is said to be a reaction to poor driver feedback of SYNC, as well as the expense involved in using Microsoft's platform.
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Red Hat, the Linux operating system company, pioneered the original open source business model. Red Hat gives away open source software for free but charges a support fee to those customers who rely on Red Hat for maintenance, support, and installation. As revenue began to roll into Red Hat, a race began among startups to develop an open source offering for each proprietary software counterpart and then wrap a Red Hat-style service offering around it. Red Hat is a fantastic company, and a pioneer in successfully commercializing open source. However, beyond Red Hat the effort has largely been a failure from a business standpoint.
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Apple, WhatsApp and Belkin show that if you ask for bad software, you get bad softwareIn the 19 years that have passed since the first implementation of SSL, you could be forgiven for expecting that the industry could do it right by now: and yet last week, not one but three SSL vendors were discovered to have implementation problems.…
Categories: Linux News
The GNOME Project, through Florian Müllner, has announced that the fourth maintenance release of the stable GNOME Shell user interface for the GNOME 3.10 desktop environment is now available for download.
Categories: Linux News
Every week I read the posts on the /r/linux4noobs sub-reddit and the questions that appear are very common such as: "Can I use Microsoft Word; Can I use iTunes; and what about Minecraft ?" Here are some of the answers to the more typical questions.
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We're going to specifically look at what ZFS brings to the table, walking through getting it installed and using it on one of the more popular Linux distributions: Precise Pangolin.
Categories: Linux News
Kai Willadsen had the pleasure of announcing today, February 23, that the Meld visual diff and merge tool reached version 3.11.0, a release that includes many new features and improvements.
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The highly anticipated Mobile World Congress (MWC) event will start tomorrow, February 24, in Barcelona, Spain. As expected, Canonical will be there to showcase the latest version of its Ubuntu operating system for mobile devices, dubbed “Ubuntu - the human touch.”
Categories: Linux News
This past week saw a number of interesting events on the Linux Planet, including a quickly resolved incident between Red Hat and Piston Computing.
Categories: Linux News
3 Laws of Hospital Health Information Technology (HIT) Implementation.1) Implementers and salespeople who don't know what they are doing will always get a binding, multi-year contract first. 2) Hospital management and owners will always do the wrong thing.3) Everyone will grossly underestimate the time, difficulty, and expense it takes to fully implement Health IT in a hospital.
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Linux cheatsheet, including general commands, one-liners, Bash tips, system calls.
Categories: Linux News
It's always "somewhat interesting and entertaining to see the ebb and flow of the top Linux distributions," said 451 Research's Jay Lyman. "One of the highlights is typically the Linux operating systems with staying power. After years of jockeying, we've seen Ubuntu in the top few distributions consistently for some time, which speaks to its desktop and developer popularity."
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After running through some challenges in setting up PC-BSD/FreeBSD 10.0 and its many changes, here are benchmarks of the feature-rich operating system update. Benchmarks were done on the same laptop of PC-BSD 10.0, the former PC-BSD 9.2 release, and Ubuntu 13.10.
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February 23, 2014

I work a lot with spreadsheet tables of points in the landscape. Each point has a latitude and a longitude, in decimal degrees. If I want to check where particular points are on the map, I could import the whole table into a GIS program and then select the points of interest. But that's way too slow! Here's a much faster way, using Google Earth as the quick-and-dirty mapper.
Categories: Linux News
After exactly one month of testing, the main Linux kernel packages of the Arch Linux operating system have been finally updated to the current version, 3.13.4.
Categories: Linux News
I must say, Hedgewars is a really beautiful experience, in that it perfectly resembles the feeling of the original Worms game, and adds a great online playing experience via the in-game online server browser, new weapons, sound themes and game modifiers.
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